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Creative Design

Sample Company (B2B) and Client (B2C) Marketing Collateral.
Client Direct Mail Pieces

By combining strong ad copy with stunning visuals I create hard-hitting, high response mail pieces that make the phones ring. 

Corporate Media Kits

By creating informative media kits the marketing teakm helps generate inbound leads for the sales team by highlighting the comapny's best practices, actual case studie and by highlighting product features and benefits in an easy to read format.

Trade Shows

Tradeshows are an absolute necessary evil for branding and presenting your company to the marketplace. The keys to success are to attend the right shows, with the right booth display and the right trade show team. Your display must have the wow factor when trying to stand out in the crowd. Don't bother with gimmicks, focus on your value prop and be professional. Even with all of the above the best results can only be determined by your team's ability to follow up and close those hot trade show leads.

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